• Cerakoting Service

    Protect your firearm with the highest performing thin film ceramic coating on the market. Applied at SST by Vital Coatings, a Certified Cerakote Applicator

  • Available Coatings


    H Series - Traditional Firearm Coating

    Oven Cure

    • The unrivaled leader in thin film protective coatings in over 100 colors.
    • Unmatched corrosion, chemical and durability performance
    • Perfect for tight tolerance applications
    • Unique ceramic-polymer technology that imparts both flexibility and excellent physical performance

    E Series - Highest Performing Thin Film Coating

    Oven Cure

    • Highest performing thin film ceramic coatings on the market
    • Unmatched abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance
    • Coefficient of friction, rivaling Teflon®
    • Perfect for tight tolerance applications and typically eliminates the need for masking

    C / V Series - High Temp Coating

    Air Cure / Oven Cure

    • Formulated to withstand temperatures up to 1800°F 
    • Over 50 colors available
    • Excellent UV Stability
    • Extremely high chemical resistance

    Performance Clears

    Air Cure & Oven Cure

    • Ceramic clear coatings with unmatched performance
    • Unrivaled durability, hardness and scratch resistance
    • Excellent chemical resistance and flexibility
    • Excellent UV stability

    Specialty Coatings

    Air Cure & Oven Cure

    • Cerakote coatings with specific performance attributes
    • NiR signature management
    • Dielectric
    • High thermal emissivity
    • Low thermal emissivity
    • Non-fluorescing
    • Low coefficient of friction
    • Piston coating
    • Polished ceramic
    • Cerakote Trim Coat