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    We do require "Face Mask" when you walk in our store, Thanks!!


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    Our customer say --- "You guys know what you are doing!!!" --- Thanks for the complement!! We are here to serve you!


    Our selection focuses primarily on precision shooting configurations and tactical options. Our firearm experts will help you pick out all of the perfect accessories to customize your AR to your exact specifications. We also have every part that you could ever possibly need for your AR-15, or AR-10. We will go extra mile if we don't have on hand of what you're looking for.

    At store, our most acknowledged and experienced staff provide personal one on one service to our customers that makes you feel confident in whatever firearm, or firearm platform you may select to go with. It is our goal here at SST(SSMS) to welcome everyone into our store, and provide a comfortable environment for perspective gun owners to acquire the information he or she may need, and help our customer to make the best choice possible.


    We may not able to compete with online sale prices, but we stand behind the quality of our products and our services.

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    Our New Division --- Indoor Virtual Reality Range with Milo/SMART Training System offers the most advanced feature set available for interactive use of Defensive Tactical Judgment Training. This is the State of Art Facility that no other system can deliver a more realistic, adaptable training environment. In addition, it includes nearly a thousand of ready to train scenarios, an extensive library will allow our instructors to design the training sections according different group needs.


    We are so proud to be the first in the southeastern region to adopt this ultimate training system and offer to our customers. The facility is completed with life size of scenarios in high definition video on 8 x 12 Screen, and with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound to put you in the action.


    A selection of real Glock pistols, AR-15 Rifles using CO2 magazines to feel the Recoil; the Sirt Pistols and Laser Gun (both no recoil) to practice training scenarios or at multi-lanes marksmanship target practice. One of our certified system controllers works behind the computer during your time here, and our acknowledged and certified instructors will coach you during the practice!


    Because there is NO real ammunition on virtual range, this is a safe environment either for serious training or fun target shooting to all levels from beginner and advanced, and it is a child friendly virtual range note that (8-13) years old children must be accompanied with parent.


    Please note Range Rules:

    • We could serve one person, or use multiple Max 4 people within one section (please refer different prices), the practice will start 5 Min. after the hour, and end 5 Min. before the hour;
    • Customers must arrive at range 10-15 minutes before your booking time;
    • Full payment, or online booking balance payment must be paid before your time started;
    • A waiver must be signed and full customer information must be provided;
    • Due to this is a 50 Min. event, if you are late, you will still be charged an full section fee, and your range time will be finished at the end of booking hour (unless you booked 2 hours, or no one booked behind your schedule, so we will let you have your full hour…)
  • Training Courses

    SST Basic Pistol & Carbine Classes Assigned for Jan. Feb. 2019

  • SST and NRA Training Courses

    We offers a variety of training classes for different level of gun owners from beginners to private instructors. Please click "More Info" to learn each class details. Once you find the class you would like to attend, you can either book online by click "Book Now", or call 334-737-6561 for booking. Keep in mind that each training course have limited seats, so book as early as possible.


  • Cerakote Service

  • Cerakote Service

    Adding Colors and Your Personality to Your Favorite Firearms