• law enforcement training session

    Southern Survival Tactical

    Virtual Reality Shooting Range

    We, at the Southern Survival Tactical Offers Advanced Defensive Firearm and Tactical Training specifically for Law Enforcement (LEO's). Our services will be offered on our facility at local 1220 Fox Run Ave. Suite 206, Opelika, AL.


    Our Tactical Simulation Facility includes the following:

    • Shooting with NO that’s right NO cost of ammunition for the department;
    • Our systems are superior to other Trainers;
    • Our systems can replicate Lethal, Non-Lethal, Riot Control, Verbal Judo, and other LE tools;
    • Our Spacious training facilities can accommodate 4 trainees and up to 4 observers;
    • Air-conditioned atmosphere, lockers/keys for personal firearms and belongings;
    • 8x12’ screen with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound putting you in the action
    • Different barriers, and shooting walls giving you realistic tools;
    • Absolutely no risk to departments and other units participating in training scenarios;
    • Realistic weapons to include Glock pistols, Shotguns, AR-15 Rifles, and Machine Guns;
    • Realistic ballistics per caliber to include Wind, Weather, Distance, and Temperature;
    • Practice pulling from holster, dynamic shooting stances, and barricade shooting;
    • Realistic Law Enforcement scenarios available for ultimate immersion;
    • Record department/unit scores, evaluations, and progress reports in real time;
    • Real “Recoil” weapons in both rifle and pistol calibers using CO2 magazines;
    • As a must, at least one of our system controller behind the computer, if needed, our instructor, Military Combat Veteran staff could assist and advise during training session.


    We offer special discount for LE training. Please call 334-737-6561 if any quotations or come to our store to further discuss booking and price. Hope to see you soon!!