• NRA Pistol Marksman Simulator Training

    NRA Instructor: Don Lankford (NRA#1484815)

    This Training is to provide the basic KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, and ATTITUDE necessary to learn pistol marksmanship using a virtual training system.

    Students will use Sirt Pistols or Laser Gun (both No recoil) to practice target shooting.


    The Training Details:

    1. Gun safety rules, 
    2. Proper operation of a pistols, 
    3. Ammunition knowledge and selection, 
    4. Marksmanship fundamentals of sight alignment, trigger control, grip, and breath control; 

    The Course Length is 2-3hours with below 3 portions. It includes:

    1. Classroom --- 2 hours Classroom teaching;
    2. Virtual Range --- Using Sirt Pistols or Laser Gun.

    The Course Size is 12 or fewer students.


    Class Fee is $60.00 per person

    The full amount be paid either online, or be paid before class started.


    We offer $20.00 discount if continue to take our NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course for improving shooting skill.


    We will issue NRA Certificate for all students attend this training bearing the signature of the NRA Secretary and your NRA Certified Instructor.