• Defensive tactical judgement training

    Southern Survival Tactical

    Virtual Reality Shooting Range

    Our New Indoor Virtual Reality Range with Milo/SMART Training system offers the most advanced feature set available for interactive use of Defensive Tactical Judgment Training. This is the State of Art Facility that no other system can deliver a more realistic, adaptable training environment. In addition, it includes nearly a thousand of ready to train scenarios, an extensive library will allow our instructors to design the training sections according different group needs.

    We encourage our customers to book range time either call the store 334-737-6561 or book online. We would like to know the purpose of training so that we could design the training scenarios just suit your needs.


    At the Range:

    • Please note this is a 50 Min. event to build the defensive skill;
    • The scenarios in high definition video on 8 x 12 Screen, and with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound which will put you in the action;  
    • Most likely you will use the real gun with CO2 magazine to train defensive practice unless you are not ready for real gun recoil;
    • One of our certified system controllers works behind the computer during your time here, one at the time the scenario presents, then you are in the situation to react…;
    • One of our knowledgeable and certified instructors will coach and debriefing during the practice!
    • Many scenarios to train until the end of your booking hour.​

    Cost of Scenario Defensive Tactical Training --- 50 minutes event ---Training with instructor review & debriefing…

    One Shooter $65.00/person

    Two Shooters $60.00/person

    Three Shooters $55.00/person

    Four Shooters $50.00/person


    *** Special Offer to customers purchase $500.00 Gift Card for range use, you will be charged each time at 3rd price of range training.

    You have to try to believe how intensive training it can help you on the judgement reaction, skill building and muscle memories, for sure you would like to continuous training just like program !!