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    Southern Survival Tactical

    Virtual Reality Shooting Range

    The State of Art Facility of Virtual Shooting Range is not only providing a realistic, intensive defensive training environment, in addition, there are more train scenarios just for multi-lanes marksmanship target shooting practice, which is great challenge on your skill as well as physical.


    Participants will use the Sirt Pistols and Laser Gun (both no recoil) to practice target shooting, depend on students skill level, we might let you use real Glock pistols with CO2 magazines to feel the Recoil. Our certified system controllers will give you the briefing on safety of guns, the correct way to hold gun as well how to aiming the target…, you will be gradually used to and enjoy the shooting. One of our certified system controllers works behind the computer during your time here, and other one will be with you on floor guide you if needed.


    At the Range:

    • We could serve one person, or use multi-lane of target setting, to allow Max 4 people within 50 Min. section of event (please refer different prices), the practice will be started 5 Min. after the hour, ended 5 Min. before the hour; 
    • All participants must listen to our certified system controllers’ instruction;
    • 5-10 Minutes Gun/Range safety briefing;
    • Rest of the time using Sirt Pistols and/or Laser Gun (both no recoil) target shooting practice;

    Cost of Scenario Defensive Tactical Training --- 50 minutes event ---Training with instructor review & debriefing…

    One Shooter $50.00/person

    Two Shooters $45.00/person

    Three Shooters $40.00/person

    Four Shooters $35.00/person


    *** Special Offer to customers purchase $500.00 Gift Card for range use, you will be charged each time at 3rd price of range training.

    The more you practice, the more you would realize the importance of virtual range shooting training