• SST Defensive Basic Carbine Course

    NRA Instructor Don Lankford


    Course Description: This course is intended for beginners and those who want to improve their carbine rifle shooting skills. It is designed to teach students the basic knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to safely and effectively operate an Armalite Patterned Rifle (AR).


    Please Note: Based on the Lautenberg Amendment, we will not allow anyone who has a domestic violence conviction to handle a weapon or ammunition for any purpose.


    Course Details:

    1. Students learn Firearm safety rules;
    2. History of Armalite Patterned Rifle (AR);
    3. Rifle General Data;
    4. Rifle Parts, Assembly and Disassembly;
    5. Rifle Functions Check and Maintenance;
    6. Ammunition knowledge and Load/Unload;
    7. How to Handle Malfunctions;
    8. Fundamentals of Marksmanship;
    9. Range rules and Range Commands;
    10. Shooting from the bench rest, prone, sitting, standing and kneeling positions;

    The Course Length is 8-9 hours with 3 parts, most classes will be scheduled on Saturdays. It includes:

    1. Classroom ---1.5 hours Classroom teaching;
    2. Virtual Range ---2 hours in house Virtual Range Practice;
    3. Live Range --- 4.5 hours live range time, students will complete live fire training with our Certified Instructors.

    The Course Size is 5-10 students. If the class size does not reach at least 5 students we may reschedule the class for an alternate date.


    The Fee:

    1. $160.00 per student using SST Rifle and Ammunition;
    2. $130.00 per student if you prefer to use your own gun and ammo, make sure you bring at least 200 rounds or more of 5.56 or 223. (depending on your AR caliber)
    3. $50.00 deposit (non refundable) at booking.  The balance must be paid before class starts. The deposit will be refunded if we cancel class.

    Students must wear:

    1. Eye and Ear protection   (available for purchase at SST),
    2. Please bring water, a snack, and suntan lotion for the live range;
    3. Wear close toed shoes,
    4. Wear a brimmed cap (especially for female students)
    5. Must wear Long Jeans/Pants.  NO low cut tops. NO shorts.

    Students will receive a course completion Certificate bearing the signature of your Certified Instructor.